Thursday, 28 June 2012

New Deal For Peter F. Hamilton.

From the press release,

New Deal For Peter F Hamilton

Bella Pagan, Senior Commissioning Editor at Tor UK, an imprint of Pan Macmillan, has acquired UK & Commonwealth rights to two new books by Peter F Hamilton. The agent is Antony Harwood.
Peter will begin writing what is provisionally titled The Chronicle of the Fallers in 2013, with the first book ready for publication in 2014. It’s a return to his Commonwealth Universe, set in the time before the bestselling Void Trilogy, and will tell the story of Nigel Sheldon and what happened when he broke into the Void.
Peter F Hamilton said ‘After delivering Great North Road (to be published September 2012), Macmillan offered me an excellent two book deal which I was extremely happy to accept.  They have been my publisher for two decades now, and have never let any of my books go out of print, which is quite remarkable in this day and age, so continuing that relationship with them is important to me.’
Jeremy Trevathan, Publisher for the adult lists at Pan Macmillan, said ‘Peter is one of the country’s bestselling Science Fiction writers and a long-standing Macmillan author, I’m delighted that our relationship is set to continue and look forward to continuing success with the new books. It’s rare to have a twenty year history with an author and it is an honour for us to have that with a writer of such acclaim as Peter.’
You can find out more about Peter F Hamilton on his facebook page:

This particular series keeps getting longer and longer and I still haven't started (so many books and so on...) Really need to do something about that but I suspect I'd need a really long holiday, to properly get stuck in, and I'm not having one of those any time soon...

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