Sunday, 3 June 2012

A 'Belated Book Haul' Post

This last week has seen a whole load of 'Sorry we couldn't deliver, come and get your books' slips notes come through the door and it was only yesterday that I managed to get to the post office to collect them all. After some impromptu 'separating the wheat from the chaff' (the lady at my local Cancer Research shop was very pleased) I came home with what looks like some very promising reading for the next few weeks/months. No promises about when I'll get round to it all (because we all know what happens to promises around here...) but they will all be read at some point. Here's some pictures plus comments, in a 'kind of tribute' to Niall's BoSS posts (I miss those...)

Because I loved the hell out of 'Leviathan Wakes', it totally rocked :o)  I'm not so hot at working through the big books but this has suddenly become a priority read now it's on the shelf. Review to come... probably after my contract ends (which isn't that long).

I've read the first two books and am interested to see how at least one loose end is tied off here (and if my death predictions come true...). Review to come sooner rather than later I think.

I am way behind with my 'Shadowmarch' reading but I'd still read anything that Tad publishes and this looks like a nice short one to get back into the swing of things with. The book isn't out until September, in the US, so look for a review here around about the end of August I think.

I don't read enough YA stuff so where better to start than with a publisher where I know that the editor lives and breathes YA... :o)  'The Assassin's Curse' was a very good read (review to come in the next few days) so I'm hoping for good things here as well.

I still need to read the second half of 'This Crooked Way' and then I'll be straight into 'The Wolf Age'. I've got a little more incentive to get cracking  this time as the last book on the list is...

Enough said :o)

That's my little haul then (I'm missing a couple out as it's taken me all day to get round to this post as it is! OK, Mira Grant's 'Blackout' is another that will feature here soonish. Zombies, me, you know how it is) :o) How about you then? Anything interesting come your way that you'd like to share here...?


Unknown said...

I miss those posts too!

Maybe I'll bring them back this summer, when I've a little bit more time on my hands. I honestly don't know how you do it, Graeme.

Particularly interested in the new Tad Williams. Is it standalone, do you know?

Graeme Flory said...

I'll be keeping an eye out, don't let me down... ;o)

'Dirty Streets' is the first book in a trilogy but don't ask me what the other two books are called. Well, you can ask me later when I've gone to the shelf and found the book! If I get something along the same kind of lines of 'War of the Flowers' then I'll be happy :o)