Tuesday, 10 April 2012

'Red Harvest' (Joe Schreiber) - UK Cover Art

I know I said that I'd had it with cover art posts but I couldn't help myself when my copy of 'Red Harvest' came through the post this morning :o) I also wanted to give a little extra shout out to a book that I really enjoyed back at the end of 2010. Look, here's my Review... Anyway, check out the cover art,

If you're going to write a Star Wars zombie novel then this is what the cover should look like. It's like 'Evil Dead' but with lightsabers! Take note American cover, you didn't do a bad job but this is what you should have been aiming for ;o)

The UK edition of 'Red Harvest' is on sale right now and you could do a lot worse than pick it up if you like zombies and/or Star Wars. Seriously.

EDITED TO ADD: Turns out this is the US mass market cover as well, serves me right for assuming that they would just stick with the cover art for the US hardback... :o)


Jim Haley said...

For what it's worth, this is the same cover we got in the US on the paperback re-release. I like both versions, and agree that this was a good zombie Star Wars book.

Salt-Man Z said...

This is the US mass market cover art as well. So, yeah.

Graeme Flory said...

Ok... Erm... That'll teach me :o)

I assumed that they'd just keep the hardback cover like they did with 'Deathtroopers' (I think)...
Oh well, the mass market cover for 'Red Harvest' beats the cover that I had when I reviewed it a couple of years ago :o)