Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The 'Just had a phone interview' Competition Winner's Post!

So you might have to excuse my being a little full of adrenalin and general 'hypedupness' (it's a word, look it up...) The job sounds like a good one so I've got my fingers crossed. If your fingers aren't doing anything right now then I'd appreciate you crossing them for me as well ;o)

Before I get started on me and what books I'm reading right now, I ought to get the 'competition winner' bit of the post done and dusted. Thanks, by the way, to everyone who entered the 'Pax Omega' competiton. Even if you don't win here, I'd recommend you go and pick it up anyway along with 'Gods of Manhattan' and 'El Sombra'. Now there is an omnibus just begging to be published...
But yeah, winners. Our three lucky winners were...

Rich Jary, Peterborough, UK
Nick Holmes, Fife, UK
Mark Barker, Norwich, UK

Nice one chaps! Your books will be headed your way very shortly if not already :o) Better luck next time everyone else.

So, what can you expect to see here over what's left of the week? Definitely a lot of Kull, more than likely some 'The Hammer and the Blade' (looking very good so far) and possibly even some 'Swords and Deviltry'. 'The Wise Man's Fear' really wasn't working for me, I'll go into just why some other time, so I thought 'the hell with what I agreed to read' and picked up 'The White Luck Warrior'. I can't see myself finishing it this week but a review is definitely on the horizon.

Have a great Wednesday!


Blitzspear said...

Phone interviews are dastardly things to be sure but hope it proves a successful one. And yes i did cross my fingers! oh the power of suggestion.

Blitzspear said...

Oh and i seem to have won a book too. Well i never :O

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I look forward to it!