Tuesday, 3 April 2012

A Couple of Bits of News from Dark Horse

It's no secret that Dark Horse are my favourite comic book publishers and when news like this comes through it just raises them up another notch in my estimation. Check this lot out...

From the first press release...

A thrilling announcement coming from Emerald City Comicon: the Dark Horse title Ghost will be returning to single-issue monthly format!  

Ghost debuted in 1993 as part of Dark Horse’s Comics’ Greatest World series. The fan-favorite title ran for ten years and featured crossovers with Hellboy, X, The Mask, and Barb Wire. Comic Book Resources recently broke the exclusive that Ghost would be returning this summer in Dark Horse Presents #13. This new incarnation of Ghost is written by Kelly Sue DeConnick and illustrated by Phil Noto. Fans can pick up the critically acclaimed series in September, beginning with a zero issue that collects the Ghost stories from Dark Horse Presents.

 “There’s something about her, something about the way Phil draws her . . . I think it’s in the eyes. It’s like he’s given her a soul. She’s equal parts charismatic and creepy for me to work with, honestly,” said DeConnick. “The new series is a fresh start, an alternative take. No prior knowledge of the character or the universe is necessary. There’s a good chance you’ll be into this one too.”
Ghost #0 is on sale September 19, 2012
Ghost #1 is on sale October 10, 2012

I loved reading 'Ghost' way back in the day (Reviews for Volume One, Volume Two and 'Masks and Monsters') and will be very interested to see what DeConnick does with the character in terms of a 'fresh start', even though the action is now taking place in Chicago and not Arcadia. I guess I'm cool with that as long as the story is up to scratch :o)

I was going to copy/paste the next press release but the cover art promoting the next 'Axe Cop' series pretty much speaks for itself. Of course I'll be checking this one out!

I'd vote for him, wouldn't you...?

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