Thursday, 16 February 2012

A Quick Review Policy Post!

I'm still getting emails asking me to review a book or whatever; I'm also getting emails saying that it's really tricky to find my review policy. Sorry about that! This post should help, hopefully...

To find my review policy you can either...

1) The 'Labels' column, at the right hand side of the screen, has a little link that says 'Review Policy'. Click on that link ;o)

2) Simply click Here to be taken straight to the review policy.

Hope that helps!


Xenophon said...


I understand that there is allot of crap out there to sort through in the realm of self-publishing, but occasionally you may find a gem...

It is really hard for authors who want to write something meaningful over profitable to get consideration by the big six publishing houses.(After all, they are in it to make money, not inspire an audience or change the way we think about the world.)

Though I am definitely not the best writer out there. I do try to infuse as much heart, soul, and creativity into my work as I am currently able. Attempting to make the worlds and characters I create come alive and inspire the reader, and perhaps, teach them a new way of looking at things along the journey.

There seems to be a huge bias and snobbery amongst bloggers and reviewers about looking at self-published or unpublished manuscripts. Yes they don't have the prettiest covers and some really should have found a better editor before releasing their creation to the masses, but to discredit them outright without any consideration is just narrow-minded.

So the next time one comes your way, at least give it the briefest of glances before tossing it in the recycling bin...

Graeme Flory said...


I can understand how you feel about this but you've got me wrong here, really.

A lot of self published material is offered to me in formats that I either can't read (as I don't have an e-reader) or I don't have time to read (i.e. on my computer monitor).
Hard copies? Well, if I can't guarantee that I'll read it then I won't ask you to send it to me. I receive a lot of books unsolicited (from the big six) and I offer no guarantees there either. If I can't offer that guarantee then it's unfair of me to expect you to pay for postage etc.

That's my thinking, no bias or snobbery involved.



Xenophon said...

Very understandable,and thanks for clairifying.Like the old Twilight Zone episode says "So many books, so little time...)

Unfortunately, you are in the minority amongst reviewers and the pervasive attitude biases self-published offerings. Though the tables are slowly turning as more and more mainstream authors are turning to self-publishing after getting established.

Happy reviewing!