Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Cover Art! 'Black Wings of Cthulhu' (Edited by S.T. Joshi)

Because it reminds me of all the brass rubbing I used to see going on when I was taken around various ruined castles as a child...

I should point out though that none of the brass rubbings that I saw were of an Elder God, just saying :o)
Here's the blurb if you're interested...

Taking their inspiration from works by Lovecraft himself, prominent writers such as Caitlin R. Kiernan, Brian Stableford, Ramsey Campbell, Michael Shea, Darrell Schweitzer, Donald R. Burleson, and David J. Schow delve deep into the psyche, expanding on concepts H.P. Lovecraft created and taking them in new directions.

The result is stories that are wholly original, some even featuring Lovecraft himself as a character. 
Black Wings editor S.T. Joshi is the recognized authority on all things Lovecraftian, and is famous for his restorations of Lovecraft's original works. He has assembled a star-studded line-up in a book that is essential for every horror library.

I still need to finish reading the originals (I know...) but 'Black Wings' is a definite read for sometime after that.

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