Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The 'Jobhunting is a pain...' Competition Winner's Post!

Especially when you've been woken up at ten to six in the morning by a little one who just wants to practice all her words... That's all I'm saying for now, purely because I'm too tired to say much more!

On a more positive note, how about some winners for last weeks competitions? Do you want to know who those winners were? You do? OK then...

Phil Darling, Stowmarket, UK
Paul Gibbons, London, UK
Edward Crutchington, St Neots, UK

Emma Engel, Oregon, USA

Nice work guys! Your books should be on their way very soon. Better luck next time everyone else...

What can you expect to see here for the rest of the week? Well, there's a review coming up for a zombie book that I ended up really not being that keen on at all. The rest of it will involve a whole load of short story reviews and at least one comic review too. It's all good (well, apart from the zombie book...) so check back and see what's what... :o)


Unknown said...

Yay me!

Thanks very much, I shall wait (not so) patiently for it to drop through the letterbox!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks! I can't wait to read it.

Gibbo said...

Oh my Darling Crutch.... I won. Thank-you.