Tuesday, 1 November 2011

News: From RPG to fiction: Cubicle 7 launches its own book imprint

From the email...

Having already conquered the world of roleplaying games, one of the most dynamic RPG publishers in Britain is now advancing into the world of fiction.
Cubicle 7 is pleased to announce the forthcoming launch of its new fiction imprint – Cubicle 7 Fiction.
In cooperation with the established and successful Solaris and Abaddon Books imprints, Cubicle 7 Fiction will publish between three and five novels and anthologies a year based upon its terrific science fiction, fantasy, and speculative properties.
The first title will be Sarah Newton’s far future adventure, Mindjammer. The novel and its universe can be explored at the new website www.mindjammer.com
Mindjammer will be released in ebook format late this month, with a release of physical print edition to follow. Additional titles will be announced in the months to come.
Cubicle 7 has already earned a stellar reputation thanks to the quality of the RPG games, which range from aliens and trans-humans to vistas of a far-flung future and Steampunk dystopias peopled by Frankensteinian monsters. Its stable of imagination-fuelled intellectual properties has inspired and driven numerous roleplaying game lines.

“With Solaris, Abaddon, and Cubicle 7 all under the Rebellion umbrella, we have a great opportunity to expand the scope of our settings,” said Dominic McDowall-Thomas, CEO of Cubicle 7. “We’re in a great position to take advantage of the expertise and resources of an established publishing house, and we can bring our properties to life in a way that supports the games but also allows the fiction to stand on its own.”

Any Cubicle 7 gamers here? The 'Mindjammer' site does look interesting...

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Oathsworn said...

Rebellion has big resources to draw on. Every of their publishers - be it the rpg ones or the book publishers - could draw on the ideas each other offers.

With Abney Parks Airship pirates and Victoriana II there two steampunk settings in the publishing programm of Cubicle7. Abaddon could publish great settings for rpg players with their Ulysses Quicksilver series and the Afterblight Chronicles.

Even here in Germany Cubicle7 has a reputition for high quality products, be it Qin the warring states (translation of a french title) or "the one ring".

Imho I think this is a great move. It would be even greater if the resources of thr Rebellion group would be drawn together to make much more out of the single products: books - rpg - comics - pc games ...