Saturday, 19 November 2011

What I'm reading right now...

I remember the days (oh happy days!) when I would read one book, finish it, pick up the next one, finish that... and so on. If only things were that simple these days... I’m doing well with ‘Theft of Swords’, by Michael J. Sullivan, as my ‘commute read’. It’s a great story and very easy to read, I’m just over halfway through and I reckon you’ll see a review later next week. When I’m not commuting though, I’m liable to pick up whatever catches my eye and read a few pages here and there. Maybe not the best way to read but that’s where I am right now.

Here are a few books that you will probably see mentioned here over the next two or three weeks. As always, I totally reserve the right to change the list based on whatever shiny cover catches my attention over the weekend...

‘The Call of Cthulhu and Other Weird Stories’ – H.P. Lovecraft
This should have been a Halloween read but is still well suited to what is turning out to be a very cold and damp November. It’s surprising how many of these tales I’d actually already read but totally forgotten about, especially seeing how disturbing they are. I’m over halfway through this collection and there hasn’t been a dud story yet.

‘Neuromancer’ – William Gibson
I’ve got a real ‘retro read’ thing going on at the moment and ‘Neuromancer’ fits the bill. It's a re-read but a very welcome one. This book will also henceforth be known as ‘The book I was looking for when I lost Hope in a second hand bookshop...’

‘The Shrinking Man’ – Richard Matheson
Because I watched the film a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed it so much that I had to give the book a go. Could be a weekend read this weekend.

‘I Am Legend’ – Richard Matheson
Ignore that cover! ‘I Am Legend’ is always worth a re-read but the Tor paperback has a collection of short stories to go with the main feature (and I read the Gollancz edition there). That’s what I’m interested in this time round.

‘Blood of Aenarion’ – William King
After the week I’ve had at work, you can’t blame me for wanting to read about elves smashing the hell out of monsters with the help of magic swords... can you?

‘Faith and Fire’ – James Swallow
Same deal as ‘Blood of Aenarion’ but substitute the elves for women in power armour carrying big guns. It really has been a nasty week what with one thing and another...

‘The Emperor’s Knife’ – Mazarkis Williams
Blimey, one chapter in and I’ve already found out why it’s a bad thing to be one of the Emperor’s youngest sons when your Dad suddenly dies. Promising stuff this...

Like I said, this list isn’t set in stone by any means (seriously, while I was writing this post I managed to 'somehow' add Adam Christopher's 'Empire State' and Sarah Cawkwell's 'The Gildar Rift' to the pile). If my copy of ‘The Book of the New Sun’ turns up this weekend then that might just change everything; same deal with ‘Alloy of Law’. Which of these books would you like me to review first? And what are you reading right now? I’ve told you what I’m reading so it’s only fair... ;o)


Chris Meyer said...

"The Call of Cthulu and Other Weird Stories" is a favorite of mine, too :) Working through "The Mountains of Madness" right now. And of course, what line up of great books is complete without a WH40K title mixed in? Can't wait to read "Faith and Fire" myself when it's released.

Now the shrinking man. . .that has a giant black widow spider on the cover. I hate spiders. I believe I shall be skipping that one. :/

Vfantasy said...

I shall, likewise, be not going near the big scary spider book...*shudder*

Vins said...

I'm currently fighting my way through "The Saint", a Gaunt's Ghosts omnibus, and "Stonewielder", by Ian C. Esslemont (both great books but I kind of got lost in the continuity of both series and need some time to remember who's who and why :D).

As for the reviews I'm most interested in "The Emperors Knife" (seeing how I've read most of the others :))