Monday, 31 October 2011

The 'Far too busy for a Monday morning' Competition Winner's Post!

Blimey, where did October go...? I turn my back for a second and it's Halloween already! Apart from a few zombie novels here and there, my Halloween reading somehow totally failed to happen (again) this year but I am going to do my utmost to make it up to you this week with some H.P. Lovecraft (if I can get it all read in time) and another of my favourite vampire tales - possibly my second favourite after 'They Thirst'. I'm still not talking about 'Dracula' either... That leaves a couple of gaps, for the rest of the week, where I'm just going to take pot luck and see what falls off the 'read pile' :o)

Before that though, I ran a competition for some weird horror fiction last week and it's way past time that I announced the winner of that little bundle. Someone is about to go on a journey into the darker parts of New England as well as take a glimpse into the mind of Arthur Machen... That lucky person is,

Lori Magill, California, USA

Nice work there Lori, your books are on their way even as we speak...
That's pretty much that for me today, I've got absolutely loads to do (what with one thing and another) and I need to get it all done :o( Don't you just love Mondays...?

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Anonymous said...

YAY - my bobble-head Cthulhu will be most pleased! Thanks! Lori Magill