Sunday, 4 September 2011

Cover Art! 'The Damned Highway' - Brian Keene & Nick Mamatas

Check out the blurb...

A hilarious, shocking, terrifying thrill-ride across the American landscape, The Damned Highway combines two great flavors of weird: the gonzo journalism of Hunter S. Thompson and the uncanny terrors of H.P. Lovecraft! Horror legend Brian Keene and cult storytelling master Nick Matamas dredge up a tale of drug-fueled eldritch madness from the blackest depths of the American Nightmare. On a freaked-out bus journey to Arkham, Massachusetts and the 1972 Presidential primary, evidence mounts that sinister forces are on the rise, led by the Cult of Cthulhu and its most prominent member - Richard M. Nixon!

I don't have the faintest idea what's going on in this cover and isn't that the whole point of Cthulhu when you think about it...? Us mere humans cannot hope to comprehend his eldritch majesty after all. That makes this cover bang on the money as far as I'm concerned ;o)

You probably know already that I'm a huge fan of Brian Keene, never read anything by Nick Mamatas though. I'll be reading this over the next few days and I'll let you know what I think. Anyone else picked this up?


Anonymous said...

I think you are going love this book....send it to if you don't.

Take care,

Jamie (Mithril Wisdom) said...

Yup, I can't make out a damn thing in that cover :P But, since it's Cthulu I'm fine with it.
All hail his monstrous majesty!

Anonymous said...

The cover artwork is by legendary artist Ian Miller.

Anonymous said...

Seriously...send it to me if you don't like it!


sprag80 said...

I'm halfway through the novel and I love it. It's laugh out loud funny and very, very political in a bent Paul Krassner "Realist" sort of way. It's a damn fine novel.