Monday, 8 August 2011

The 'Teddy Bear's Picnic... In Torrential Rain...' Competition Winner's Post!

Because sometimes you really can sum up an entire weekend in one blog post title... :o) Take a group of manic toddlers with loads of energy to burn off, put them all in an absolutely lovely park with lots to see and do... then cover the whole lot in a weeks worth of rain spread over an afternoon. Lovely stuff. I could have been reading any number of books (still haven't cracked open 'A Dance With Dragons'...) but instead, I was trying to scoop up two hundred small plastic balls as the heavens opened directly above my head :o( I'm hoping for better things from this week...

Oh well, at least this week will start off on a decent foot for the winner of last week's competition, thanks to everyone who entered by the way :o) The eventual winner was...

Jordan Woll, Virginia, USA

Nice going there Jordan, your book should be on its way to you sometime today. Better luck next time everyone else; weekends are normally the best time to spot a competition making its appearance on the blog so keep checking back to see what comes up ;o)

What's in store for this week, I hear you ask. Well, there'll definitely be a review for Joe McKinney's 'Flesh Eaters' (early two word review: 'very good') and I'll be looking at a couple of Robert E. Howard's 'King Kull' short stories. That does leave some gaps though so stick around and see happens next ;o)

Before I go though, check out this absolutely gorgeous Raymond Swanland cover art for K.V. Johansen's 'Black Dog', a book that arrived over the weekend. The man can literally do no wrong as far as good cover art goes...

Isn't it great? 'Black Dog' is fairly high up the reading pile now so hopefully I'll be able to let you know more about it very soon.

See you tomorrow! :o)

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Jordan said...

Hey Graeme,

Thanks for giving us the chance to be winners! Postmortal looks like a fun summertime book indeed.

Here's wishing you better luck with the weather!