Monday, 15 August 2011

The 'Still Great At Crash Team Racing' Competition Winner's Post!

Every so often, we remember that we've got an old PS2 lurking in a cupboard somewhere and get it out for a few games. By 'a few games' I mean 'Crash Team Racing' of course, the Crash Bandicoot racing game where you get to blow the **** out of each other (with bombs and stuff) while racing round the track. Guess what we did this weekend...? :o) My racing skills are naturally superior but Sue has developed the fine art of lines like, 'Graeme, could you go out to the kitchen and get me a...?' and then starting the race without me. It was honours even this time round, at least until the next time we remember there's a PS2 lurking around the house...

Not a bad weekend, all in all, really; all we needed for a perfect one was to work out just what was making Hope throw up all the time so we could do something about it. Hmmm...

Oh well, on with this week!

First up, thanks to everyone who entered the 'Conan' competition, you made my email inbox feel all loved and appreciated... and more than a little full. There could only be one winner though and that winner was...

Erik Lundqvist, London, UK

Nice one Erik, your book should be on it's way very soon (hopefully around about now actually). Better luck next time everyone else. I ran a competition the day before yesterday and I'm hoping to have another up and running next weekend ;o)

What will be happening here in the meantime? Well, we're looking at a double dose of Robert E. Howard as well as a little Warhammer and a 'Low Town' review as well. That should be enough to be going on with don't you think? You don't? Let me see what I can do... ;o)

See you tomorrow!


Erik Lundqvist (@erik_lundqvist) said...


Really good news on a day when I'm at home feeling poorly. I feel better already.

Can't wait to read it.

Thanks :)

tmastgrave said...

Looking forward to it, and congrats to Erik.