Saturday, 26 February 2011

What I'm going to be reading...

If you’re in London over the next couple of months and you see a guy reading one of the following books on the train then it’s probably me. Tap me on the shoulder and say hello! :o) I totally reserve the right to change the list without any notice whatsoever (like say, for example, if a copy of ‘The Wise Man’s Fear’ was to turn up on the doorstep) but this is pretty much what it’ll look like…

The Graphic Novels.

 Enough said really... I whip through these fairly quickly so don’t be too surprised to see me talking about these in the next couple of weeks.

Books by authors whom I’ve never read before.

Obviously there are loads of authors that I’ve never read before but these are the two that stood out for me when I was looking through the pile. I never got into Gail Z. Martin’s first series so it’ll be good to start this one at the beginning.

Books I’ve been looking forward to reading.

I will stop whatever I’m reading for Conrad Williams and the same goes for Alex Bledsoe, both are very good at what they do. I guess that means that you’ll see reviews for these sooner rather than later as well.
‘Arrowland’ isn’t an eagerly anticipated read in that same way but I have enjoyed the ‘Afterblight Chronicles’ and am looking forward to seeing how things tie together in this novel.

Big Thick Books.

I’ve only read a little of ‘The Unremembered’ so far and am enjoying it so far, I'll let you know how it goes.
‘City of Ruin’ is one of those books that I really wanted to read last year until life got in the way. I’m hoping for better luck this time round.

Books built for commuting.

After having really enjoyed ‘Rivers of London’, ‘Moon Over Soho’ somehow found itself at the top of the pile. Funny how these things work…
I’ve been letting my Glen Cook reading slack off a bit so ‘Bitter Gold Hearts’ will be read soon (I’ve got loads of his books to read…) and Black Library books always make good commuter reading so ‘God King’ will be read at some point.

The ‘I’ve been going on about it for long enough’ Books…

It’s the return of an old favourite to the ‘will be read soon’ list. All I can say is… all the cool kids have been talking about ‘The Crippled God’ and I want in! I just need to read ‘Dust of Dreams’ first. This might be more of a holiday read than a commuter read but we’ll see how it goes.
I’ve been flicking through the ‘Conan’ book (warming up for the big read) and I like what I see so far; could be another holiday read though…

So that’s me and what I hope to be reading over the next few weeks. Like I said though, you can expect the odd change here and there as a book cover catches my eye and I think ‘ooh, pretty…’

Anything on the list that catches your eye? And what are you reading/planning to read right now? Tell me dammit! ;o)


Ryan said...

Nice looking pile of readin' you got yourself there Graeme! I'll be looking forward to many of those reviews!

Next weekend is the Emerald City Comicon here in Seattle, and Mike Mignola will be in attendance, so I'm hoping I'll get to meet him, amongst many other amazing comic creators.

Andrew Leonard said...

Looks good Graeme!

Looking forward to reading your thoughts on Unremembered.

ediFanoB said...

Nice list.
I received an ARC of The Unremembered. I will read it as soon as I have finished my current door stopper read: DREAM OF LEGENDS by Stephen Zimmer

My pile for the next weeks:

Epic fantasy
- DREAM OF LEGENDS by Stephen Zimmer
- RIDER'S FIRST CALL by Kristen Britain

- THE HORNS OF RUIN by Tim Akers
- DREAMS OF STEAM anthology engineered by Kimberly Richardson

Science fiction
- HELLHOLE by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson
- THE QUANTUM THIEF by Rajaniemi Hannu

Historical thriller/mystery
- DISSOLUTION by C. J. Sansom,

I have a lot of fun with reading books parallel because I can switch to the book which fits to my mood.
And to my surprise I read more as I when I read only one book at a time.


joe57 said...

Thats a pretty diverse reading pile. Lots of books I wish I had. I am halfway through House of Chains, book 4 of The Malazan Book of the Fallen. My brother led me borrow all the books through 8, so that is pretty much my reading list for the next 3-4 months. I haven't really gotten into graphic novels, but am intrigued by them.