Friday, 18 February 2011

Fritz Leiber Centenary Tribute at Conceptual Fiction

I love the internet. Really, I do. The internet is a place where you can mention that you don't know a lot about Fritz Leiber and, a matter of hours later, be sent a link (not Wikipedia) to an article that tells you everything you need to know and then a bit more. If you're like me and confess to a lack of knowledge on one of the big names in fantasy fiction then click here and solve that problem straight away. Here's the first few lines to get you going...

A few weeks ago, the 100th anniversary of author Fritz Leiber's birth passed largely unnoticed.  The literary community offered up no tributes.  No celebrations or symposiums were held.  Perhaps that should come as little surprise.  None of Leiber's books are in stock at my local chain bookstores, and most of his writing is out of print.  Yet few authors of the 20th century anticipated the storytelling of the current day with more prescience than Leiber, who passed away in 1992 at age 81.

I’d have to actually read some of Leiber’s work before I could comment on Ted Gioia’s thoughts on how Leiber’s work has influenced so many others. The plan is to do that very soon although ‘Conan’ is currently winning the ‘What Sword & Sorcery’ to pick up first?’ vote… As a biographical piece though, you can’t go wrong with the level of detail here, check it out.

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