Monday, 21 February 2011

The 'Going back to the Source!' Competition Winner's Post!

Yes, all the votes are in and 'Conan' ran out as a pretty comfortable winner so that's what I'll be reading, starting from... erm... yesterday! Don't expect a quick turnaround here though as I want to take my time and enjoy this one; I'm aiming for a review in the next fortnight or so but we'll just see how we go. I've got the two 'Fantasy Masterworks' editions to get through and then it's onto Lankhmar after that. Poor Elric though, I guess he'll just have to wait his turn.

In the meantime though there are competition winners to be revealed and revealed they shall be! Last week's competition was for copies of Melissa Scott's 'Trouble and Her Friends', the winners were...

Angie Dubisher, Colorado, US
Jillian Potter, Wisconsin, US

Your books are on their way!

What can you expect to see from me this week? Well, a little bit of everything really and it's all in that weird 'somewhere between mass market paperback and trade paperback' size. What is with that? If you want to save money as a publisher then why publish stuff in all these shapes and sizes that looks to me if it's using more paper than necessary...? It makes me feel old (you crazy kids get off my lawn dammit!) but sometimes I long for the days when a book came in either hardback or massmarket paperback format...

Oh well, see you tomorrow!


angie said...

Thank you so much for the book! I can't wait to read it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Graeme!
Its a terrible cold, icy day here in Wisconsin so getting the notice that I won a copy of Trouble & Her Friends really brightened things up. Can't wait to read it, and thanks for setting this up!
-Jillian in WI