Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Interviews with Naomi Novik & Pat Rothfuss

If you can’t make it to ComicCon what’s the next best thing? Watching videos of other people having a great time there while you’re sat behind your computer trying to fool your boss into thinking that you’re working... Can you tell that I’m bitter and jealous over here (behind my computer)...? ;o)

Shawn Speakman (of Suvudu and Terry Brooks Forum fame) has come up with an idea that will satisfy the likes of you and I who aren’t over there in San Diego being demonstrated at by those lovely Westboro Baptist people. See if you can spot the use of sarcasm in that last sentence... ;o)

What Shawn will be doing, amongst other things, is interviewing none other than Pat Rothfuss and Naomi Novik at the convention. Not just any old questions though, these are questions submitted from fans via Suvudu. If you want to be in on the act, or see what the results are, then you should be clicking either Here or Here...

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Great idea - especially as I am one of those who can't make it. Some day!