Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Free Reading! 'Implied Spaces' excerpt and 'The Green Leopard Plague'

Nightshade Books have just published Walter Jon Williams' 'Implied Spaces'; a sci-fi novel of... well, here's the blurb! :o)

Aristide, a semi-retired computer scientist turned swordsman, is a scholar of the implied spaces, seeking meaning amid the accidents of architecture in a universe where reality itself has been sculpted and designed by superhuman machine intelligence. While exploring the pre-technological world Midgarth, one of four dozen pocket universes created within a series of vast, orbital matrioshka computer arrays, Aristide uncovers a fiendish plot threatening to set off a nightmare scenario, perhaps even bringing about the ultimate Existential Crisis: the end of civilization itself.

Traveling the pocket universes with his wormhole-edged sword Tecmessa in hand and talking cat Bitsy, avatar of the planet-sized computer Endora, at his side, Aristide must find a way to save the multiverse from subversion, sabotage, and certain destruction.

Looks pretty cool doesn't it? To celebrate the release, not only have Nightshade Books put an excerpt on their site but they have also made the Nebula Award winning novella 'The Green Leopard Plague' available in its entirety. Both of these texts can be found on the Nightshade Books
Downloads page. If all of this isn't enough for you then check out the the Interview with Walter as well.


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