Wednesday, 30 July 2008

'Empire in Black and Gold' - The Winners!

Thanks to everyone who entered, 'Empire in Black and Gold' has been getting a lot of good press lately and it seems that loads of people took note and entered this competition!
I'm afraid there could only be three winners though and those lucky people are...

Jenna Vance, USA
Jon Johannesen, Faroe Islands
Jim Rion, Yamaguchi, Japan

Well done guys! Your books are on their way...

Everyone else - Better luck next time, there's always a next time ;o)


Big Jim said...
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Big Jim said...

{Sorry about the previous comment deletion}
I just wanted to thank you for the competition.
I'm really excited to have won!
Thanks, Graeme!
Jim Rion

Jenna said...

Thanks, Graeme! After four excruciating days out of town, completely cut-off from the internet, this is awesome news to come home to. I can't wait to read it!

~Jenna Vance

JonJ said...

Graeme, thanks for this awesome site, and thanks for the competition! First time I've actually won one of these things :) Looking forward to receiving the book!

Graeme Flory said...

Your books should be on their way now, hope you enjoy them! :o)