Friday, 7 March 2008

Tad Williams Contest - The Winners!

Thanks to everyone who entered this competition, the winners (of copies of 'Shadowmarch' and 'Shadowplay') are...

Kevin Neuhaus, Hagen, Germany

Tiago Rodrigues, London, UK

Gaspar Garcao, Portalegre, Portugal

Well done guys, your books are on their way even as we speak. Happy reading!
Better luck next time everyone else, there will be more competitions in the future so keep your eyes open!


Tiago Rodrigues said...

Thanks Graeme!

The Dragonbone Chair was on my reading list but now I'll read these two first!

Congratulations on the blog, keep on the good work!


Kevin said...

Wow, thanks a lot Graeme!

A friend wanted me to read the books for some time now..good that I didn't listen to him ;)

So long

Gaspar Garção said...

I'm completely overwhelmed!!!! :D
A parcel just arrived today from London, with Shadowmarch and Shadowplay, and i'm speechless, wasn't expecting it!!!
Thanks a bunch, deornoth, i'll read it with great pleasure and be sure to let you know what i thought of them.
Thanks a million (also to the kind ladies and gentleman in Little, Brown!!!!!!

P.S,. i was checking everyday in the blog to see if i won, but then gave up, and was completely caught with my pants down...:)

Gaspar Garção said...

Just noticed another of the winners: two portuguese?
Not bad!!!!