Thursday, 13 March 2008

Fantasy Book Spot 'Best of 2007' Tournament!

If you had to choose between 'Acacia' and 'The Blade Itself' which one would you pick? How about a choice between 'The Terror' and 'Brasyl' or 'Silverfish' and 'Pirate Freedom'? Well, you have the chance to make all these choices and then defend your chosen book to the death over at Fantasy Book Spot (link under 'Forums' on the right hand side of the screen) where their 'Best of 2007' tournament is now underway. Joining in is simple; register on the forum, pick your favourite book (in each thread) and then tell everyone why you think that book should win through to the next round. The winner gets the rather nice looking award in the picture, you won't get an award but you'll be able to feel all pleased with yourself if your favourite book wins... ;o)

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