Monday, 13 August 2012

The 'Just tried to toast a bagel in the knife rack...' Competition Winner's Post!

It's a Monday morning, things like this are meant to happen on a Monday morning... If you follow me on Twitter you'll know that I was up late last night trying to find a mosquito before it tapped one of my veins. the end result? Mosquito 1 Graeme 0. The sneaky little thing waited until I gave up looking then chewed the hell out of my leg while I was asleep... :o( Revenge will be mine.

Hopefully this week will start off a bit better for two people who have only gone and won themselves copies of Lou Morgan's excellent debut novel 'Blood and Feathers' (review Here). The winners were,

Mel Symonds, Surrey, UK
Michaela Gray, Bedford, UK

Your books are on their way right now :o)

The bookshelves are in a bit of a state right now so I need to find my 'finished books' before I can actually review them! That does leave things a little vague for this week but I will (finally) post my thoughts on 'Morning Glories Vol. 3' and 'The Guv'nor'. That should be enough to keep you going for now, I'm sure I can fit a couple of reviews either side of those...

See you tomorrow :o)

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Mel said...

Thanks for the great start to the week Graeme! I will look forward to some kick-butt Angel action! :-)