Monday, 16 January 2012

The 'Clearing My Desk' Competition Winner's Post!

In one of the worst ways to start a week off, I find myself clearing my work desk of all the assorted junk and clutter that has built up over the last four and a bit years. My job comes to an end tomorrow (curse you departmental restructure!) and I want to be a little ahead of the game so I can shoot off home as quickly as possible. It's not the nicest thing to be doing but, on the other hand, I'm up one stapler and a little bottle of surgical hand gel already. It's like a little treasure hunt over here :o)

So yeah, a slightly depressing morning going on here; all the more so when Chris Wraight's novel 'Luthor Huss' is in my bag and I can't read it (have you guessed that I'm enjoying it?) This morning will hopefully be a little cheerier for the winners of last week's two competitions though. Those lucky winners were...

'In The Lion's Mouth' 
Tanya Estell, Oklahoma, US

Hazel Wright, Derbyshire, UK

Well done guys, your books are on their way. Better luck next time everyone else, there's always another chance to win something around these parts :o)

I'm not really sure what the rest of the week will look like blogwise, namely because things are going to change dramatically after tomorrow. I can guarantee one 'SF Masterwork' review and a comic book review though which will be worth checking out; there'll be a whole load of stuff in the middle as well :o) See you back here tomorrow...?


Carmen Wing said...

Ack, I seem to be reading this more and more. So sorry to read your news :(

Hazel Wright said...

Hi! Thanks very much for contacting me to let me know I'd won the Advent book! I'll be looking forward to reading that soon ;-) Good luck with the desk clearout and department restructure! (She says as she looks at the state of her desk in disgust and tries to ignore it again)! Hazel xx

Jamie Gibbs said...

Congratulations to the winners! I've just started reading Advent myself and I'm really enjoying it.