Friday, 20 January 2012

Chuck Wendig Returns To Abaddon

From the Press Release,
The author behind Abaddon’s fastest-selling title of 2011 is set to return with a follow-up novella and a brand new series.
Abaddon is delighted to announce that Chuck Wendig has signed up to write an ebook sequel to the popular Double Dead, as well as create a brand new series for Abaddon in 2013.
An October 2011 release from Abaddon, Double Dead was Wendig’s first original novel and became the fastest-selling Abaddon title to date, with a particularly strong showing as an ebook.
The freshest take on the undead for years, Double Dead saw the vampire Coburn awaken during the zombie apocalypse, only to realise that if he wants to survive he has to protect his food source from the undead hordes.
Now Wendig is set to return to the world of Coburn later this year with Double Dead: Bad Blood, an ebook-only novella sequel. It will be released on May 14th on all e-platforms.
Wendig is also working on an exciting new urban fantasy series for Abaddon Books, bringing gods and monsters onto the city streets in a thrilling new-take on classic genre tropes. The first in this new series is due for release in 2013.
With his prominent online presence, including his popular blog on which he is not afraid to give his opinions on the process of writing and the industry at large.
“It’s wonderful to be welcoming Chuck back to the Abaddon team,” said Jon Oliver, editor-in-chief of Abaddon Books. “He’s certainly one of the most exciting new writers around and Chuck is going to build on the success of Double Dead while bringing a brand new series to Abaddon.”
"The vampire Coburn kicked his way out of my skull and onto the pages of Double Dead,” said Wendig, “so it's great to be revisiting that cantankerous old bloodsucker. And I'm utterly geeked to be working with Abaddon to help birth this brand new series of gods and monsters."

On the one hand this is great news as I loved 'Double Dead' and want to read more from Wendig (I'm expecting great things from his next book 'Black Birds'). On the other hand, it looks like there's another reason for me to fork out for a Kindle. There's no escape for my poor wallet...


Jordan said...

You can get a refurbished Nook Simple Touch reader for about $70 USD, and it supports epub files out of the box! Surely you can justify this purchase :)

Graeme Flory said...

That looks like it could be a winner :o) I just need to get another job first...

Industrialnorth said...

Fuck the Kindle. Bookes should be made out of paper