Monday, 18 July 2011

The Slightly Bleary Eyed' Competition Winner's Post!

That's what I get for eating ham, egg and chips literally minutes before going to bed last night! There's a whole week ahead of me and I don't even know if I'm going to make it through the next hour... I don't care though, it was a price well worth paying... :o)

So, what's in store this week? I'll tell you in a minute (lets not get ahead of ourselves here) as there's the small matter of a competition winner to be announced first. Thanks to everyone who entered the 'A Dance With Dragons' competition last week. Some two hundred people entered in all and I'm not counting the guy (you know who you are) who thought he could get away with entering the same details under four or five different email accounts. It's not something I've ever felt the need to make a point about because I figured people wouldn't be so dumb as to think they could get away with entering more than once. You can't get away with entering more than once, you'll only get all your entries deleted if you try...

Anyway, the eventual winner was...

Emma Portus, Sheffield, UK

I've got a horrible feeling that the book didn't get there in time for the weekend so keep an eye out for the post!

That's that then so, what's happening here for the rest of the week? To be totally honest, I haven't thought too far past tomorrow's review of 'The Walking Dead Vol. 14'. I can't get my head past that book, at the moment, purely because of the absolutely HUGE 'WTF moment' that leapt off the page and seared my eyeballs. Just when you think Kirkman can't be any more brutal to his characters he proves that he still has something nasty up his sleeve for them. More on that tomorrow.

Apart from that, it's wide open as to what you're going to see over the rest of the week (although the smart money is on a review of 'Hellstrom's Hive' at some point). Stick around and see what comes up :o)
Until then, here's some artwork for the 'to be released at some point' 'Ninjas vs. Werewolves',

If you were here at the weekend then you'll know that the first two issues of 'Ninjas vs. Zombies' weren't entirely my cup of tea but I'm a sucker for comic book cover art and this does look good... :o)

See you tomorrow!

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Carmen said...

Look, can you just stop posting to your blog till I finish my move? Am missing to much good stuff - I'll tell you when you can start posting again OK? Good.

As for the naughty, naughty - I used to be a huge comper - you'd be surprised how many people try the multiple entries. (Not me I might add!) It's not playing fair, it is indeed very naughty and greedy and a large part of why I stopped comping as a hobby and now just enter now and again. Good for you in spotting it and doing something about it.