Thursday, 21 July 2011

Gollancz Announces SF Gateway! (Or, 'Graeme's blog reaches a new low...)

No you're getting the press release, not this time. I wasn't so quick off the mark yesterday and pretty much every other blogger beat me to it with this one. Click Here if you haven't got the slightest idea what I'm on about and want to catch up.

Every now and then the internet can make me really rather narcissistic, almost like it listens to me and then answers back. It was only the other day I was bemoaning the fact that you can't get at Michael Moorcock's extensive back catalogue outside of second hand bookshops. Gollancz haven't sorted that one out for me but they've pretty much outdone themselves with what they will be offering, in the meantime, in this digital library of theirs. Edgar Rice Burroughs, EE 'Doc' Smith & C.L. Moore to name but a few... All those books you've heard of but just can't find anywhere, rescued from 'out of print oblivion' and in our hands once more. You can't complain at a deal like that can you?

I think the only people who would complain are those unfortunate few who don't have eBook readers. Like, erm... me. Dammit.

I did have good reasons for holding back on buying an eBook reader but they don't seem all that hot right now; not when placed against a digital library that will hopefully hold some 5,000+ titles by 2014. I'm hoping that Gollancz will whet our appetites for the big launch by publishing a few 'hard copy' collections from that list of authors (hint: Edgar Rice Burroughs...) but it's more likely that I will have to 'skim' the nappy budget and cough up for a eBook reader. Unless anyone has a spare one that they don't want anymore...? I told you this would be the post where the blog hits a new low ;o)

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