Saturday, 21 May 2011

‘Tron: Legacy’

You won’t normally see me talking about films here for a couple of reasons. First up is the fact that I’m just hopeless at making it to the cinema to watch anything that I want to see, it just never happens. “That’s no problem though” I hear you all say, “just watch it on DVD a few months later”. I could do that, you’re absolutely right. The really annoying thing is though, Hope has learnt to turn the TV off at just the moment when I’m really into something (and giggles when I tell her to leave the TV alone...) I may as well read a book instead to be honest...

Every so often though, a film comes along where I will creep downstairs to watch it when the little one is asleep. Yep, I’m talking about ‘Tron: Legacy’.

I loved the original ‘Tron’ to pieces when I was a kid (and even posted something about it on the blog, click Here) so I’d been looking forward to the sequel for a long time. It then turned out that I had to look forward to the sequel for a little while longer as I missed it in the cinema and had to hang around for the DVD instead, go me :o)

I got there in the end though and was suitably entertained by the whole experience; how can you not be with lightcycle battles (as well as what I’m calling ‘Frisbee Wars’...) being upgraded for a 21st century audience? I mean, forget the story; this is what all the fans of the original film came for isn’t it? I certainly got my money’s worth here with some very cool looking 'game grid' sequences, the night club scenes weren’t bad either.

I wasn’t so sure about bits of the story though. The search for Flynn worked fine (and I may have even got a little teary eyed in all the right places) but the stuff about new digital life, and Clu’s refusal to accept this, just didn’t seem to gel. It was like there were two different stories being told here and one of them just petered out into nothing, at least as far as I could see.

‘Tron: Legacy’ was great fun and, in some ways, was just like seeing the original for the first time. I got the impression though that it sometimes wasn’t quite sure what it was on about. IMDB tells me that there are more sequels lined up though so maybe there’s time yet for things to be worked out.


SQT said...

I saw this in the theater and it didn't do it for me at all. Part of the problem was the sound. The background audio was so loud I couldn't hear the dialog. So maybe it's unfair to hate on the movie, but I just didn't think it was good.

Unknown said...

One can only hope! I really enjoyed Tron: Legacy too, but alas, I think the IMDB might be a bit off-base in that assertion. There were sequels on the drawing board, and a last minute shoot incorporated the premise of what was set to happen next into the film itself - did you see Cillian Murphy's cameo? - but I fear expectations were not met, and talk of Tron the Third has petered out since. :(

Graeme Flory said...

I've been trying to reply here over the last few days but blogger kept eating my comments...

Niall - I didn't realise that was Cillian Murphy until you said. What is it about that guy that he appears everywhere but I never seem to recognise him...?
No Tron 3 would be an awful shame, for this fanboy anyway... :o(