Monday, 16 May 2011

The ‘Blogger Fail/Graeme Fail’ Competition Winner’s Post!

If you have a blog (or if you read them) then you’ll be only too aware of Blogger going offline on Friday. A bit of an inconvenience but it all came back online so everyone was happy (although not necessarily happy with the way that Blogger took care of business)... Apart from me that is. Turns out that Blogger wasn’t the only screw-up on Friday, I had totally forgotten to pay my broadband bill and the broadband people finally caught up with me. That’s what I’ve been up to this weekend and that’s why the blog looked like I hadn’t updated it since Wednesday. Everything is all posted again though and if you scroll down a bit you’ll see a couple of competitions as well as a little post on books I couldn’t finish, it’s all good :o)

Right now though, I’m all about letting you folks know who won last week’s competition for copies of Daniel Polansky’s ‘Lowtown’. It’s a quite a long list so you might want to get comfortable. Here goes...

Fred Coughlin, Philadelphia
Shane Branham, Nebraska
Chris Antoline Ohio
Keith Prochaska, Minnesota
Lori Magill, California
Sabrina Osborn, Washington
Carrie Conley, North Carolina
Ray Pratt, Vermont
Chris Miller, Maryland
Josh Kupecki, Texas

Well done everyone, your books will be with you soon! Better luck next time everyone else, did I already mention that there are a couple of other competitions that you can enter? Scroll down and have a look...

This would be the paragraph where I tell you what’s in store this week but... I’ve got no idea right now (things are busy!) There will be books of one sort or another involved though. Stick around and see what happens next ;o)

See you tomorrow!

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Chris said...

woot! That is all.