Monday, 11 October 2010

The Monday Morning 'It's far too nice to be stuck inside' Competition Winner's Post!

I'm sure I've got this the wrong way round, the weather is absolutely gorgeous out there but I've somehow managed to find myself stuck in the office, again... On the other hand though there's a part of me that's glad to have made it in. I've been reading Stephen Jones' 'Zombie Apocalypse' over the weekend so the trip into work was punctuated by nervous glances over my shoulder! Not what I was expecting from this book actually so that was quite cool. Look out for a review later this week...

There will also be a review for 'The Pan Book of Horror Stories' later this week as well but in the meantime, these are the lucky folks who won a copy of the book in last week's competition,

Phil Darling, Stowmarket, UK
Heidi Wilmot, Manchester, UK
Yvonne Clark, Mid Glamorgan, Wales

Well done guys, your books are on their way as we speak! Better luck next time everyone else. There's always a next time and it may even include people from Canada (I'll do my best)... ;o)


Johnny Mains said...

Well done to the winners! If they email me at, I'll send them each an exclusive Pan Horror bookmark!

yvonne said...

Thanks very much. I am looking forward to receiving my book and reading it.
Thanks for the bookmark offer have sent an email.