Saturday, 2 October 2010

Giveaway! 'The Pan Book of Horror Stories (Herbert Van Thal)

It's been October for just over twenty four hours now so what better time to have a competition for some seriously scary reading...? :o)

This one is a bit of a nostalgia trip for me as I cut several of my reading teeth on the Pan and Fontana horror series way back in the day when I was at primary school. Don't be fooled though! These series were not for children at all and I have to wonder what they were doing on the shelves at my school (especially with stories like 'The Eater of Souls' which was seriously scary stuff...)

Check out the blurb for the reissued edition of the very first Pan Book of Horror,

Fifty years ago Pan launched a series of books that were to delight and disgust - sometimes even on the same page – readers for thirty years. From classics in the genre to scraping-the-barrel nastiness, the Pan Books of Horror had them all and they continue to be a major influence in published anthologies to the present day.

We're delighted, therefore, to announce the reissue of the very first Pan Book of Horror. Specially selected for Pan, here are 22 terrifying tales of horror by such famous authors as Peter Fleming, C. S. Forester, Bram Stoker, Angus Wilson, Noel Langley, Jack Finney and L. P. Hartley.

Stories of the uncanny jostle with tales of the macabre. Stories of subtle beastliness---like Rasberry Jam; of sickening horror---like The Fly or His Beautiful Hands; and of utter chilling terror---like The Horror of the Museum!

The perfect bedside book---for those with nerves of steel!

Thanks to Pan MacMillan, I have three copies of 'The Pan Book of Horror' to give away to UK readers of the blog. That's right I'm afraid, this competition is only open to UK readers...

If you fancy your chances at winning then entering is as easy as coming upon something truly terrifying in a moonlit graveyard. Simply send me an email (address at the top right hand of the screen) telling who you are and what your postal address is. Your subject header will be 'Oh, the Horror!' ;o)

I'll be leaving this one open until the 10th of October and will announce winners as soon as possible afterwards.

Good Luck!

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