Saturday, 4 September 2010

The 'Strange Old Week Really...' Competition Winner's Post!

Monday was a Bank Holiday over here in the UK and when I came back to work on the Tuesday (after a week away) I found myself thinking, "Only four days until the weekend, should go nice and quickly..." At least that's what I thought at the time.

How can a working week with only four days in it feel at least twice as long as the regular five day working week? It's a question I've been chewing over since I came home yesterday and I still don't get it :o( Or am I just thinking about this far too much when I should just be grateful that the weekend has come round at all? Such is the state of my head these days when I'm not reading ('Salute the Dark' is turning out to be an excellent read) or making sure that Hope stays relatively clean...

What's that? Competition winners...? Oh yeah, that's was this post was going to be about! :o)

Thanks to everyone who entered the 'Bird of the River', 'Bauchelain & Korbal Broach' and 'Farseer' competitions. As much as I wanted everyone to win books it just wasn't to be and I had to whittle the numbers down to something a lot more manageable! The lucky winners were...

'Farseer' (William King)

Fynn Thompson, Yorkshire, UK

'The Bird of the River' (Kage Baker)

Melita Kennedy, California, US
Sara Chamama, New York, US
Nicole Hutches, Washington, US

'Bauchelain & Korbal Broach' (Steven Erikson)

Brian Stabler, East Yorkshire, UK
Andrew Phillips, Macclesfield, UK
Simon Holland, Cheshire, UK
Veronica O'Brien, London, UK
Daniel Barton, Cambridge, UK

Well done everyone, if your books aren't on their way already then they soon will be!

Better luck next time everyone else. There are still a few competitions open if you fancy your chances. Seriously, have a scroll down the screen and see... ;o)


Midnighter said...

I won! Cheers for running the comp and, of course, your excellent blog. I look forward to receiving my copy.

Unknown said...

Thank you, Graeme! It was a double bonus as it was my birthday yesterday. I love Kage Baker.

Unknown said...

Thanks Graeme, really looking forward to reading this!

Dan said...

Thanks so much for these wonderful competitions! I entered the Zombie ones en mass, alas didn't win those as well. Perfect for my travels... Thanks again - keep up the great reviews!

Dan said...

I won! Just in time for my travels too - thanks for the comp! Keep up the great reviews...