Wednesday, 22 September 2010

A Couple of Bits of News.

From the email...

RHPG announces Lara Adrian chain story

Paranormal authors come together for the Random House Publishing Group's first fan-driven, multi-author, chain story eBook: A GLIMPSE OF DARKNESS. Lara Adrian, Harry Connolly, Lucy A. Snyder, Kelly Meding, and Stacia Kane lend their unique talents to the tale of Munira, a “retriever” of magical items in the fictional city of Port Nightfall. The daughter of a djinn, Munira is contacted by the most powerful sorcerer in the city, the wily Temesis who makes her an offer she can’t refuse: steal the Light of Ta’lab from an evil necromancer or he will kill her father! Fans will have the opportunity to vote on the choices Munira makes in the story via, and each new section (penned by the various authors), will reflect the fans’ voices. The short story begins on Monday, September 20, 2010 and, once completed, will be available for download as a ¢99 eBook.

This one sounds interesting but you won't see me voting I'm afraid. The mood I'm in at the moment, the story could go in some peculiar directions... I may have posted this a little later than I intended but at least you've got some story already up on the site to read now :o)

Everyone else seems to have already mentioned the whole 'Towers of Midnight' prologue being available to purchase thing' so I thought I'd post details of the signing tour that will be accompanying the book's release. Oh yeah, I thought I'd post the trailer as well. Here it is,

TOWERS OF MIDNIGHT tour schedule

Tuesday, November 2nd - Midnight
BYU Bookstore
Wilkinson Student Center (WSC) / University Hill
Provo, Utah 84602
*With special guest Harriet McDougal

Tuesday, November 2nd – 7:00 PM
Barnes & Noble Booksellers
1725 Arden Way
Sacramento, CA 95815
*With special guests Harriet McDougal and Jason Denzel

Wednesday, November 3rd - 7:00 PM
Joseph-Beth Booksellers
2692 Madison Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45208
*With special guest Harriet McDougal

Thursday, November 4th - 7:00 PM
10720 Preston Road, Suite 1018
Dallas, TX 75230
*With special guest Harriet McDougal

Friday, November 5th – 7:00 PM
Books A Million
7000 Arundel Mills Cir
Hanover, MD 21076-1282
*With special guest Harriet McDougal

Saturday, November 6th – 2:00 PM
5871 Crossroads Center Way
Baileys Crossroads, VA 22041
*With special guest Harriet McDougal

Sunday, November 7th - 3:00 PM
The Harvard Coop
1400 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02138
*With special guest Harriet McDougal

Monday, November 8th - 7:30 PM
Barnes & Noble Booksellers – Lincoln Triangle
1972 Broadway
New York, NY 10023
*With special guests Harriet McDougal, Maria Simons and Alan Romanczuk

I still need to read 'The Gathering Storm' at some point...


brainshades said...

Does anyone know if Brandon will be able to sign "Way of Kings" on these stops for "Midnight"?

I'm going to call the store in advance to be sure, but I thought I'd find out what's normal for events like this these days. A lot of times I've seen the host store require that you purchase the books from their store, otherwise you cannot get them signed. That seems fair, but Brandon has a lot of books out now and repurchasing books for autographing isn't an option - practically and economically for me anyway.

Any information as to how these store sponsored events work nowadays would be appreciated.

Anonymous said...


Brandon will definitely sign tWoK as well as any other of his backlist titles (including TGS, but no WoT novels that he didn't help write). The store will have a bunch for purchase but he has no problem signing anything fans bring in.

-Justin at Tor