Monday, 7 September 2009

'The Naming of the Beasts' Competition - Winners!!

Thanks to everyone who entered this competition. There could only be three winners though and they were...

Stacey Whittle, Newcastle, UK
Jon Madden, Ruislip, UK
Melissa Symonds, Carshalton, UK

Well done folks, your books are hopefully on their way even as we speak!

Better luck next time everyone else... :o)

P.S. Anyone who's in London this coming Thursday can get to see Mike Carey as he will be signing copies of 'The Naming of the Beasts' (and pretty much anything else if last time was anything to go by!) at Forbidden Planet from 6-7pm.


Melissa said...

Fantastic news Graeme - Thanks! I love teh Felix castor series so can't to read this one!
Cheers Melissa

Anonymous said...

Cheers Graeme, big fan of Mike's novels and comics. It will go to the top of myreading pile.


Stacey said...

thanks so much Graeme, I'm chuffed to bits bonny lad!