Monday, 21 September 2009

'Fire' & 'Red Claw' Competitions - The Winners!

Thanks to everyone who entered these competitions; 'Fire' in particular garnered a great number of entries. I'm looking forward to seeing if the book lives up to the buzz you guys have for it!
There could only be four winners though and these lucky folks were...

'Fire' - Kristin Cashore

John Morley, California

'Red Claw' - Philip Palmer

Sandro Pergameno, Italy
Bob Beaupré, Somerset, UK
Solange Thomas, London, UK

Well done everyone, your books will be on their way shortly...

Better luck next time everyone else! (There are another couple of competitions on the go, scroll down and have a look...)

Stick around in the meantime, I've got Robert Holdstock's 'Avilion' and James Enge's 'Blood of Ambrose' on the go and should hopefully have reviews up this week...


sandro50 said...

Hi Graeme, thank very much to you and to the kind folks at Orbit. Palmer is an interesting new authour and "Debatable space" was very good: I hope "REd Claw" has the same quality.

Unknown said...

Wow! I won! :)

Hi Graeme! First of all, thanks for organizing the giveaways! I hadn't heard of Kristin Cashore's Fire before and I'm extremely happy to have the opportunity to discover it. Now, it's the hardest part of all: waiting for the book to arrive... :)