Monday, 15 June 2009

Competition Winners! 'Urban Gothic' and 'Day of the Damned'

It's Monday morning and that can only mean one thing... I'm trying to wake up, at my desk, so I'll leave you with some competition winners while I sort myself out with a cup of coffee :o)

Thanks to everyone who entered the 'Urban Gothic' and 'Day of the Damned' competitions. The winners were...

'Urban Gothic'

Mark Beauchamp, Michigan, USA

'Day of the Damned'

Simon Swainson, Brighton, UK
Liam Talbot, Wellington, New Zealand
Maija Pohjalainen, Helsinki, Finland

Well done guys, your books are on their way even as we speak!
Better luck next time everyone else... ;o)


Maija P. said...

Thanks you so much! I look forward to reading this book :) Congrats to other winners!

Liam said...

Thanks Maija, and super thanks Graeme. I'm also looking forward to another rip-roaring slice of heroic sci-fi fun, especially after your (largely) positive review.

Anonymous said...

OUTSTANDING!!! I can't wait to dig into this story. Brian Keene has become one of my all time favorites. Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou. Mark/ruderabbit

Swainson said...

Just got back from holidays to find Day of the Damned in the hall with a flyer saying it's from you. Capped a great week for me. Fantastic. Thank you Graeme.