Monday, 2 February 2009

'Haunted Heart' - The Winners!

Thanks to everyone to entered this competition to win a copy of the Stephen King biography. There could only be two winners though and they were...

Michelle Olsen, Tacoma, US
Scott Sink, Covington, Ohio

Well done guys, your books should be their way to you very soon!
Better luck next time everyone else... :o)


Scott said...

Very cool.
I look forward to perusing the pages of this text.
Should be interesting to read how Lisa Rogak put this biography together.
Thanks for offering this contest.

Mo said...

I'm so excited! I own every Stephen King book ever published and he is my favorite author, so I always love to learn more about him. I was watching The Stand again last night, and got to see him playing Teddy in it. I like how he cameos in all of the movie versions of his books. Thanks so much for the giveaway, and for choosing me!