Monday, 25 August 2008

A couple of things you might want to check out...

I received an email (from Leisure Books) about 'Jakes Wake', the forthcoming book from John Skipp and Cory Goodfellow. Here's the blurb...

Pastor Jake promised his followers everlasting life…he just didn’t say what kind. So when the small-town televangelist and con man climbs out of his coffin at his own wake, it becomes Judgment Day for everyone gathered to mourn—or celebrate—his death. Jake is back, in the rotting flesh, filled with anger and vengeance. And accompanied by demons even more frightening than himself. What follows is a long night of endless terror, a blood-drenched rampage by the man not even death could stop.

Horror icon John Skipp launched his career as half of the New York Times bestselling partnership Skipp and Spector in 1986. What followed was an incredible string of bestselling novels that introduced the genre of splatterpunk and changed the face of horror fiction forever. Then, in the mid-90s Skipp seemingly disappeared from the horror scene, leaving millions of fans to await the return of this horror godfather.

Now he’s teamed up with brilliant newcomer Cody Goodfellow (author of the cult Lovecraftian epics RADIANT DAWN and RAVENOUS DUSK), to map out the new frontier of fear, and instigate a whole new reign of terror for the horror-loving reader

It looks pretty cool and I'll definitely be after a copy. If you want to find out more then have a click Here where you can watch the video trailer. It's a little bit... erm... you know... so think twice before running it in front of your kids, grandparents etc!

Now for something completely different! Dave Brendon, over in South Africa, has started up his own Fantasy & Sci-Fi blog which I've been getting into since I've been back. It's over Here if you fancy a look, hopefully you'll enjoy it as well ;o)

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Dave-Brendon de Burgh said...

Great stuff, thank you Graeme! :-) I'm glad you're enjoying it, it's great to get some recognition. Not that I'm putting in any major effort though, just talking about what I love reading, :-)

Thanks again,