Thursday, 28 August 2008

A couple of special offers from Pan Macmillan...

Because sometimes this blog is a shop window that tells you what is in other shop windows... :o)
I received an email from Pan Macmillan letting me know about a couple of offers that they've got going on right now. There's something for everyone here I think!

From now until December 8th, Pan Macmillan have 20% off a selection of their science fiction and fantasy books. Click Here for more information and how to buy what you're after.

Don't click on this This link just yet as the page won't be up and running until the 6th of September. If you're a fan of e-books though you may want to bookmark it as this seemingly non-functional page will shortly become a page that tells you of Pan Macmillan's 3 for 2 offer on all their Sci-Fi and Fantasy e-books...

Happy Shopping ;o)

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