Sunday, 24 April 2011

Comic Book Cover Art!

It's Easter Sunday, no-one's really up to doing much today... lets take it easy and feast our eyes on a little cover art :o) What do you reckon?

I've been enjoying the 'Conan' comics for a little while now (finally reading the first Fantasy Masterworks collection as we speak) and artwork like this is a large part of the reason why; isn't it gorgeous? This is Conan as he should be and gives a lot more insight into the character than Schwarzenegger's dumb posturing ever did. I'm going to have to get my hands on this book, as much to stare at the cover as finish off the story itself...

I don't usually read PDFs but got an advance copy of 'Gladstones #1' in this format and will probably give it a go. Does anyone know of an e-reader that you can read comics on? (My 'gizmo knowledge' is appalling).
On a first glance though I'm not convinced by the cover art here. Villavert does a good job with dynamic poses and vibrant colour but the whole thing just seems a little too 'Cartoon Network' (or even Nickelodeon...) for me. Maybe that's the whole point of it, I'll have to check out 'Gladstones' and let you all know.

So, what do you reckon? Do either of these covers float your boat? And have you got any favourite comic book covers that you'd like to share with us? I don't think that you can post pictures in the comments section but feel free to leave links.

Have a great Sunday! I'm off to stop Hope from pinching the dog's breakfast, she will do it if I'm not careful...


Carmen Wing said...

I agree with you about both. I wouldn't pick up the second one but my youngest two girls probably would.

Conan's coverwork is indeed gorgeous - the sort of cover where you spot something different each time.

Ryan said...

Hey Graeme. You gotta tell me what you think about Gladstone's. I've only seen the solicits and a small preview, but I cant decide if it'll be worth my hard-earned cash.

As for cool covers, I thought the cover for Nonplayer was sweet, (the interior art was even better though)

Jordan said...


Give ComicRack a try for your PDF. Here's a glowing review of it:

Anonymous said...

graeme, speaking of conan, what do you think of the new film staring jason mamoa?