Saturday, 11 December 2010

A Saturday Cover Art Post... ‘The Runestaff’ (Michael Moorcock)

I got a little ahead of myself and reviewed ‘The Runestaff’ via an old UK edition that I picked up second hand. I couldn’t help it, I was enjoying the series way too much to have to wait at all! However, Vance Kovacs’ amazing cover art is always worth a look so ‘The Runestaff’ gets itself featured again. Check it out,

It feels a little more ‘posed’ than the others, and not quite as natural, but it’s still looking good as far as I’m concerned. My bookshelves are a little crowded at the moment (so I tend to pick up collected or omnibus editions where I can) but for those of you with a little more space, these new Tor editions of ‘The History of the Runestaff’ series are going to look good on anyone’s shelves! What do you reckon?


noothergods said...

Yup, that is a very cool picture...though I think at this point it impossible to have a horse rearing in cover art with out it looking at list a little posed...still, very cool picture.

D-man said...

I like the fonts that they've used. They work very well with the image.

Jamie Gibbs said...

I agree that it looks quite static, but it's still a very nice looking cover; I especially like the background details.