Sunday, 29 August 2010

Giveaway! ‘Love Bites’ (Adrienne Barbeau)

If you read Adrienne Barbeau’s ‘Vampyres of Hollywood’ then you might just be waiting to pick up the sequel. If you are then it’s your lucky day as I have two copies of ‘Love Bites’ to give away on the blog. If you’re not living in the US or Canada then this competition isn’t for you I’m afraid. US & Canadian entries only here...

Here’s the blurb,

Picking up where VAMPYRES OF HOLLYWOOD left off, LOVE BITES brings back the unlikely duo of Beverly Hills detective Peter King and Scream Queen Ovsanna Moore, the famous Hollywood actress and producer who just happens to be a 450-year-old vampyre.

It's only two weeks since Peter and Ovsanna faced off with the Cinema Slayer, and already life is getting complicated.

First there’s the werewolf attack. Then a mutilated body at the Sportsmen’s Lodge turns up. Not to mention the fact that several of Ovsanna’s clan members, including Orson Welles and Mary Pickford, are vying for attention. All of this makes it hard for Peter and Ovsanna to get together. And it doesn’t help that Ovsanna’s personal assistant and sometimes lover, Maral, will do anything to get Peter out of the picture.

Peter and Ovsanna have to fight for their relationship and their lives. Ovsanna enlists her clan, the Vampyres of Hollywood, to help battle a menagerie of supernatural beasts straight out of Alien vs. Predator. This isn’t a box-office ratings war, it’s a fight to the death.

I liked ‘Alien vs. Predator’ (I may be the only person who did though...) so mention of this might just balance out what could be your typical Urban Fantasy fare. If a review copy comes my way then I might just be tempted to give it a go...

In the meantime, if you fancy your chances at winning a copy of ‘Love Bites’ just drop me an email (address at the top right hand side of the screen) telling me who you are and what your postal address is; the subject header needs to be ‘Love Bites’.

I’m leaving this one open until Sunday the 5th of September and will aim to announce the winners as soon as possible afterwards.

Good Luck!

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