Saturday, 19 December 2009

The 'Beowulf really wasn't that good was it?' Link Up Spectacular!

In case you've been wondering where all the reviews have gone, I've actually been on holiday all of last week and very nice it was too. We're talking a luxurious lodge in the middle of the woods (and it was snowing!) where all you could hear were birds and my swearing at the Playstation as the cops busted me (again...) on 'Grand Theft Auto' ;o)
We finally got round to watching 'Beowulf' and all I can say is that I'm glad I didn't pay to see it at the cinema. Now there's a film that's all about the creators saying 'look at what we can do with animation'... shame they didn't pay as much attention to the rest of it.

While I was away, loads of cool stuff has been happening around the blogosphere. Here are some links to the best bits...

Neth has his Best of 2009 list up and it's looking pretty good. I need to get round to doing mine...

Adam reviews Carrie Ryan's 'The Dead Tossed Waves' and says it's 'enjoyable and disturbing by turns'. There are zombies to be found here so you can expect to see a review here very soon :o)

James has Assorted Author News for us. All I'm saying is 'The Scarab Path' is a great name for a book!

Harry shows us what's been coming through his letter box. It's Books, don't worry!

I love Rob's 'Books in the Mail' posts and here's his Latest One...

Is This the winner of the 'Ugliest Dog in the World' competition?

I'm not going to link to a specific post here because the whole damn thing is just great! Check out Smugglivus! (I really wanted to be a part of it this year but... no time unfortunately)

Mark wasn't too impressed with War of the Soulites. With a title like that I'm not surprised...

Last but not least... Pat is a big fan of 'The Windup Girl.

What am I doing? Trying to read but just cannot get into anything. I do have some reviews lined up though so stick around :o)

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Larry said...

Yes, that dog won Ugliest in the World a few years back. Its picture is in Umberto Eco's On Ugliness :P