Monday, 31 August 2009

'Dust of Dreams' Competition - The Winners!

Thanks to everyone who entered this competition! As much as I would like to give everyone a copy... I only had three to give away, I did the maths and the numbers just didn't go!

The lucky winners were,

Saif Gohir, Huddersfield, UK
Ben Gummer, London, UK
Riya Puttanna, Farnborough, UK

Well done guys, your books will be on their way very soon...

Better luck next time everyone else!


Anonymous said...

Yay I cant believe I won! Im so happy! Excuse me while I do my happy dance! Thank you so much! Riya x x

Unknown said...

Nice. I only came across this site due to that recent post in the Graeme's giveaways thread on westeros. Suffice to say I've added you to my rss feed. Seems like we have some stuff in common even down to promising to read more Fables and then not touching it for 8 months. Although in my case it's probably closer to a year.

Can't believe I won though. It's the first giveaway I've entered.
Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Was the first giveaway that I entered as well! Thanks!

Can't believe that you live in Lewisham tis a small world...

Cherry said...

Congratulations to the winners!!!!