Monday, 20 July 2009

'Salamander' Competition - Winners!

Hope you all had a great weekend everyone!

Thanks to everyone who entered this competition, the winners were...

David Burdett, Tennessee, US
Barry Forshaw, Newcastle, UK
Josephine Marie, San Francisco, US
Vasil Toskov, Bulgaria
Pawel Martin, Poland

Well done guys! Your books will be on their way very soon... :o)
Talking of which, I posted the wrong cover for 'Salamander' when I announced the competition (d'oh!). Here's what it really looks like...

Great isn't it?


grellian said...

wow, i won! great, i'll have something interesting to read very, very soon :D
thanks for the giveaway, Graeme, and congratulations to all the other winners

right_geek said...

Wow, I won!

Hope they will have no problems shipping it to Poland.

Came for the free book (as advertised elsewhere), stayed for the great blog. And got the book as well!

Hope it will rekindle my love for WH40K. Unfortunately:

- the books available on the Polish market are translated so poorly it is almost impossible to read them;

- I have bought some originals from Amazon, but under the current economy the shipment costs are killing me;

- last, but not least, no ebooks from the Black Library. Hopefully, it will change.

lone pilgrim said...

I won too! I look forward to receiving the book in due course and I hope you continue to review such books regularly on your blog!

You're right Graeme, the correct cover is pretty impressive. It certainly gives the Space Marines an heroic presence.

David said...

Whoo hoo I won! Hey this is awesome. I am not sure which cover I liked better as both are incredible. I am excited about reading this one.

rainstorm said...

Woohoo! I just got my book today. I'm so excited, I'm going to start reading tonight.