Wednesday, 14 May 2008

See your name in print!

I'm not talking about your local newspaper either, how do you fancy seeing your name appear in a book of retro-Victorian steampunk adventure? Sounds good doesn't it? Read on...

I'm a big fan of Abaddon Books' 'Pax Brittania' series; in particular the adventures of one Ulysses Quicksilver, gentleman adventurer and agent of the crown. Check out my reviews of Unnatural History and Leviathan Rising for more information. The next book in the series, 'Human Nature', is due to be released in December and Jonathan Green (the author) is offering one lucky reader the chance to see their name used for one of the characters in the book. You could be the arch-villain or you could end up as a cheeky cockney cabbie, who knows...
I'm in and, despite wanting to win this thing, I thought I'd offer you all the chance to enter as well. More information can be found Here.

Good luck!

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