Saturday, 9 February 2008

Cool looking books being published this year (from Orbit Books)!

Yesterday saw Orbit Books buying me lunch and giving me advance review copies of some pretty interesting books they have coming out later on this year. Normally I'd wait until I'd read them and then post a review but I thought you guys might like some advance notice ;o) One book you will have already heard of, the other two maybe not...

Brian Ruckley's 'Winterbirth'was one of Orbit's big successes of 2006. It's one of those books that you either loved or hated, I loved it. 'Bloodheir' is the sequel and looks like it's going to push things up a gear! The Amazon synopsis reads...

As ever greater battles are fought between the Black Road and the True Bloods, so each side in the conflict becomes ever more riven by internal dissent and disunity. Amidst the mounting chaos, Aeglyss the na'kyrim gradually masters the remarkable powers that have been unleashed upon him by his crucifixion. Twisting everything and everyone around him to serve his own mad desires, he begins to exert a dangerous, insidious influence over the course of events both near and far. Orisian, lord of the ruined Lannis Blood, faces not only the consequences of that malign influence, but also the machinations of his supposed allies and the stirring of the long-dormant Anain, the most potent race the world has ever known.

I interviewed Brian a while ago and his ten word synopsis was, "Bigger battles, reversals, faltering alliances, assassination, Anain, Highfast. More snow".
Look out for this one in June 2008 and congratulations to Aidan ('A Dribble of Ink'), Robert ('Fantasy Book Critic') and Remy ('The Fantasy Review') whose comments made it into the 'Praise for Winterbirth' bit at the front!

Before 'Bloodheir' hits the shelves, it might be worth giving Pamela Freeman's 'Blood Ties' a go when it's published in April. At first glance it looks a little like your typical 'quest story' but I've been promised that it gets a lot darker. Here's the Amazon synopsis,

Bramble is impetuous, with a talent for attracting trouble, and she finds it when an accident brands her a criminal. But she can expect no mercy. Her dark colouring marks her as a Traveller, one of the despised original people of the domains. And the local gods are warning her to flee ...In Turvite, where ghosts drift along dark, cobbled streets, Ash must leave the Road to begin an apprenticeship with the only person who will accept a Traveller. His new mistress is devious yet irresistible, but the gods have other plans for Ash ...Death casts Bramble and Ash on separate journeys across valleys and mountains, deep into themselves and the dark history of their ancestors. The gods have not forgotten, and old blood is calling for vengeance.

Finally, I've never been a huge fan of historical fantasy (the way I see it, fiction is either 'historical' or it's 'fantasy' not both) but I'm always willing to give new stuff a go and Jo Graham's 'Black Ships' looks like it could be worth a read. It's set after the fall of Troy (so maybe it is fantasy...) and the synopsis is,

Gull is an oracle. Daughter of a slave taken from fallen Troy, chosen at the age of seven to be the voice of the Lady of the Dead, it is her destiny to counsel kings. When nine black ships appear, captained by an exiled Trojan prince, Gull must decide between the life she has been destined for and the most perilous adventure -- to join the remnant of her mother's people in their desperate flight. From the doomed bastions of the City of Pirates to the temples of Byblos, from the intrigues of the Egyptian court to the haunted caves beneath Mount Vesuvius, only Gull can guide Prince Aeneas on his quest, and only she can dare the gates of the Underworld itself to lead him to his destiny. (Thanks Amazon!)

Naomi Novik says great things about 'Black Ships', I say great things about Naomi Novik so I'm hoping for great things from 'Black Ships'! Look out for this one in July...

That's all for now folks, have a great weekend!


Chris, The Book Swede said...

Nice! Wish I lived in London, those lunches sound excellent -- almost as good as the books ;)

Nice one to Aidan and Robert -- can't get onto Remy's site anymore, must have taken a long break, baby and all.

Maybe some day we'll get into some books! :D


SQT said...

Yeah, Remy's site seems to be down.

I'm looking forward to Bloodheir. And somehow Ruckley has got some of the best covers in fantasy.

Graeme Flory said...

I've just tried Remy's site and I got in...

gav(NextRead) said...

I'm playing catch-up but I'm looking forward t your thoughts on this little lot. I hope they took you to something more than a greasy spoon ;)

Blood Ties sounds good. Dark is good as long as the heroes wins ;)