Friday, 16 November 2007

'Stealing Light' Competition - The Winners!

Well, I was going to review this but in the end decided to give another copy away instead. So, without further ado, the three winners are...

Richard Blakeley, Dunedin, New Zealand

Elizabeth Pacey, UK

Doug McEachern, Brooklyn, US

Well done guys, your books will be with you soon!
If you didn't win this time round, better luck next time (and there will be a next time, including something pretty cool I've got planned for December).
In the meantime, the next few days will see a review of the quite frankly brilliant 'The Inferior' (Peadar O Guilin) amongst other things. I've also got David Keck's ' In the Eye of Heaven' and J.V. Jones' 'A Sword from Red Ice' on the go as well (both of which are looking good so far).


superstaticgirl said...

*dances with joy*


superstaticgirl said...

superstaticgirl = Elizabeth thanks to an unfortunate disposition to getting static shocks in Boots.....

Doug said...

Yay books!

I'm looking forward to reading it. Thanks!

Talyn --(- said...

My first competition win :)

Thank you very much.