Thursday, 13 September 2007

Some news for Malazan fans...

Earlier this year, PS Publishing released a limited edition book comprising all three Bauchelain and Korbal Broach stories (I love those guys, they never fail to make me laugh). It sold out pretty damn quickly, it sold out long before publication in fact. Being the nice people that they are, PS Publishing decided to print the whole thing again. This time though it's in hardback and although it isn't signed it does have the original Steven Erikson artwork on the cover. They're only printing 500 copies so I wouldn't hang around if I were you, have a click Here for more information and (hidden away somewhere) links for ordering.
If anyone sees anything about a release date for Esselmont's 'Return of the Crimson Guard' please let me know! ;o)

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Anonymous said...

Re: 'hidden away somewhere...' - yes, sorry about that, but our antiquated ordering system is going to be replaced by an all-new e-commerce site in the very near future.