Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Happy August Everybody!

August is a great month isn’t it? Loads of sunshine, nice weather but only if you’re living anywhere other than England (although we have got Great White Sharks off the coast of Cornwall so maybe the tropical times are just around the corner!)
During this time of atrociously bad weather one of the best things you can have is a well stocked bookshelf, unless your house floods that is… Until that time (and I’m really hoping it doesn’t happen) here are some of the books that you are going to be hearing about in August,

‘El Sombra’ – Al Ewing (Zorro meets Hitler in true pulp fiction style!)
‘The Heart of the Mirage’ – Glenda Larke (What I’m reading at the moment, hear what I have to say very soon)
‘The Innocent Mage’ – Karen Miller (One of Orbit Book’s big hitters)
‘The Name of the Wind’ – Patrick Rothfuss (Everyone says it’s the debut of the year, will I agree though…?)
‘The Night Watch’ – Sergei Lukyanenko (I’ve seen the film, now I’m going to read the book!)
‘The Twilight Herald’ – Tom Lloyd (He throws a good party but does he write a good sequel?)

There will be more books (of course) but these are going to be the main ones. There’s also going to be a little bit of TV, some comic books and if it looks like zombies are heading towards your hometown then you'll hear about it here!

In other news, Joe Abercrombie’s website has finally got stuff on it (link on the right) including a tasty little extract from his new book ‘Last Argument of Kings’. It’s a veritable ‘one stop shop’ for everything Joe Abercrombie related and also has handy links to some pretty cool looking blogs (ok, one of them is this one…)

If this was a radio station I’d say, “don’t touch that dial” but I don’t really know what the blog equivalent is…


“Don’t click that mouse!”

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Chris, The Book Swede said...

You do know, Graeme--I'm very jealous of all those parties!

I've just reviewed the Innocent Mage. I'll be interested to see what you make of it.

Also looking forward to the Patrick Rothfuss review, too.